8-10  Hours – Boney Falls Trip – 30 Miles

A Soaring Eagle Outfitters staff member will transport you to the access site.
The Escanaba River from Gwinn south to Boney Falls offers a Northwood's paddling adventure
that can be a day tip or overnight experience.

The river flows on the Precambrian shield, with rugged outcroppings of rock, sheer cliffs, towering
hardwood forests, and pine plains. It can be a moderately swift flowing river especially early in the
spring run-off and slows down as the summer progresses.

This is a great trip to get close to nature and experience the outdoors. Wildlife such as whitetail
deer, eagles, sandhill cranes, beaver, foxes, ducks, and black bear abound is this area. Excellent
fishing opportunities. Being of the best Michigan rivers for trout the Escanaba and its tributaries
offer a varied and challenging experience.
Escanaba River Course
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