6 Hours – Little West Trip – Approximately 12 Miles

A Soaring Eagle Outfitters staff member will put you in at the Forsyth Township Canoe Launch site
where you will begin your trip down the Escanaba River.  In about 10-15 minutes, the Middle
Branch and East Branch River’s meet.  

In 40-50 minutes you will go under a swinging chair.  In another 40-50 minutes, you will see on
your left side, high power lines.  More power lines will cross the river in approx. 50-60 minutes.

On the left side after the Power Lines you will see the Iron Pin boat landing.  You are at the half-way
point of your trip.  

After another 1 ½ hours, you will see on your right, the where the Big West Creek enters the
Escanaba River.  

You have about 50-60 minutes left on your trip.  Watch for the Little West Road on your Right, this
is where you will you exit the River, where a member of the Soaring Eagle Outfitters staff will met
you and bring you back to our headquarters.
Escanaba River Course
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